Binky St: Let's go on a Road Trip!

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Binky St is a ride-hailing app for two! I made it for me and my girlfriend to use, as a four-years-together anniversary gift, and we like it a lot!

Have you ever had to pick someone up, or meet-in-the-middle? It’s like playing Marco Polo in real life. This apps solves it all, because it relays each other’s location in real-time.

The Story

We have a joke that I am basically a cab driver whenever I have to send her to/ from work. Since there’s a guy at the pick-up point that shoos you along, we had a trick that she would give me a call when it’s the time to turn into it.

It started with an idea, what if I made an app that could send shortcut notifications? That would be a very easy app to make.

Well, I make apps on Ionic, and have experience debugging Xcode for push notifications, so that seemed natural to me. However, after doing some Swift tutorials, and managing to place a Google maps view in an app, I couldn’t be stopped.

After about a week, it was done!


App and Splash Screen

App Icon Splash Screen

A New Ride

To create a ride, you basically hover over the spot you want to meet.

View where your buddy is at Reverse Geolocation

On a Road Trip!

If it’s technically a trip and it’s technically on a road… Could everyday be a holiday?

Depending on which phone you’re using, your character gets offset above your GPS marker (this way the characters don’t collide when you’re together)

Having the destination marked as treasure means that it’s always a competition to see who gets there first!

Ride Success!

5 Bucks for 5-star service, of course.

Also, you can’t continue using the app without leaving a rating, and why wouldn’t you want to rate 5-stars?

NB: From the feedback I got, 5 bucks was too much, so it’s been changed to 1.5 bucks since… sigh…


One could get to the feedback page by clicking the bunny icon on the upper right corner.

If you hadn’t noticed already, Binky St is a service run by bears, for bunnies. Naturally, the customer service rep has to be a bunny… right?

When you send a bug report, is it really a literal bug, or could you really be bugging someone? :P

(Clicking those buttons sends push notifications to me, actually, and each button makes a different sound)

Driver Shortcuts

This one’s quite sneaky - to get to the driver actions page you could click on the “New Ride” label or the “Road Trip” label.

The easy messages are convenient when you’re driving.

Of course, a menu like this needs buttons to press!